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The Watchmaker

a powerful little video from "Kids4Truth"

Bible Studies

bbom43 Bible Class Lesson Sheets covering 10 Old Testament & 3 New Testament Books developed for congregational Bible Study. bsls
Lessons designed for a Bible Class or personal study of the New Testament.

Walking thru the Bible
A series of Bible Class lessons and sermon outlines to go through the entire Bible in a one-year program.
Fourteen lessons surveying the Old and New Testaments

Studies in
"the Sermon on the Mount"
"The Beginning of the Gospel of the Son of God"

God's Way of Salvation
The plan of salvation using scripture only.

A biblical study of angels. Use this PDF to create a 5x8 booklet for yourself or your students.


Capital Punishment
A biblical study of capital punishment. You can use this PDF to create a 5x8 booklet for yourself or your students.

A biblical study of demons (demonology), their origin, character, etc. In this study we look at "What was demon possession in biblical times" and "Are there people today possessed by demons?"


Other Studies

How to Understand the Bible

Some guide lines and principles to use in interpreting the Bible.

Chronology of the New

A brief chronology of NT events and dates of the NT books. Good for personal study or as a classroom hand-out.

Scholarship of the King
James version

A study of the translating done for the KJV with a special look at some of its features and why it isn't a popular version today.

The Greek Text of the New Testament

A quick review of the various families of Greek texts used for making modern translations today.

What About Miracles Today?

The late Pat Gibbons makes a report on alleged present day miracles.


A series of five lessons, with handouts, in PDF format by Daniel Ridinger.

e-Sword Study modules created for use with e-Sword Bible software.

e-Sword, created by Rick Meyers, is a fast and effective way to study the Bible. e-Sword is a Free, feature rich and user friendly Bible study software program for your computer and is also available as an app for your smartphone and tablet. You must have e-Sword, and the e-Sword Module Installer on your computer for the commentary and notes to function properly.



Sermon Outlines
35 sermon outlines to help in your study of the Bible.

PowerPoint Sermons
109 Sermons illustrated in PowerPoint (some with audio presentation) on 9 cds or DVD.

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