Since the Rogersville church of Christ looks to Jesus Christ as its head and Elders have been appointed, why do we have Deacons? The Greek word (diakonos) translated "deacon" means servant, and is so translated in Matthew 23:11 and John 12:26. It can be said then, a Deacon is someone who is chosen to assist the elders of a congregation in carrying out their responsibilities.

While the Elders oversee the spirituality of the congregation, Deacons are responsible for seeing to the daily needs of our church and our community. Members of the Rogersville church of Christ have selected the following men who we believe fit the qualifications to be our Deacons.

Alan Compton   James Embry
Missions   Media, Worship
Brock Owens   Derek Pigg 
Finance    Youth

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Upcoming Events

16 Oct 2018
10:00AM -
Adult Bible Study
17 Oct 2018
06:30PM -
Wednesday Service
17 Oct 2018
06:30PM -
“To Be Renewed”
19 Oct 2018
09:00PM -
5th Quarter
20 Oct 2018
04:30PM -
Trunk or Treat
20 Oct 2018
05:00PM -
Fall Festival
21 Oct 2018
09:00AM -
Bible Classes
21 Oct 2018
10:00AM -
Worship Hour
21 Oct 2018
11:00AM -
60+ Luncheon