The Faith of a Centurion (Part 1)
Faith is not intended to be understood in concrete terms.
It is not developed or made in a laboratory and it cannot be
bought at a store. However, it is increasingly vital to the
survival of morally conscious people. Faith is what creates
within us a sense of belonging, worth, and love. Faith is
what steps into the gap left behind by the past and fills its
host with a purpose. Faith not only separates mankind
from other created things, it is what elevates mankind to a
position that only God can award. Therefore, when
someone opens the word of God and sees faith on display,
then they should be brought to a point of awe, it should
grab their attention, and it should force them to be
overwhelmingly grateful for innocence provided in the
depths of guilt.
One such account is found in three of the four gospels and
speaks to the impact Jesus had on those even outside of a
complete knowledge of God. In Matthew, Mark, and Luke,
we are given insight into one particular individual who
stood at the cross as Jesus was crucified, mocked, beaten,
insulted, and ultimately as He died. This man was not
ordinary himself as he served in a position that would have
made him the envy of many in the crowd that day. The
position of centurion is not a position to take lightly as they
were respected and honored by many due to their
perceived power in the Roman Empire. As Jesus would
note in His discussions with Pilate, the power held by Pilate
is power given by God, so the centurion's power was not in
his own merit or might.
However, the attitude presented by this centurion would
have been one of confidence and strength due to his
position within the empire. Therefore, his statement of
"surely this man was innocent" in Luke 23 or "Truly this
man was the Son of God" in Mark 15 is a true revelation of
his spirit when brought into contact with the one true
Savior of all mankind.
Join us in worship today of that one true and living God
and join us as we remember the death of His Son, our
Savior. Next week we will look a little deeper at the faith of
a centurion... - Scott

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