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I am so glad you are here this morning! Today is
a day where we get to worship the God who
created this world and everything and everyone
in it. We get to gather around the table and take
time to remember the sacrifice of our Savior. It
is a time where we can stop being distracted by
the attractions of a world that cannot satisfy and
be satisfied by the attractiveness of a Savior who
has never been distracted in His focus on saving
us from our sins.
Thank you for being here and thank you for
taking an active part in this tremendous
opportunity laid before us. There is one
guarantee I can offer you, that if you put your
heart and soul into our worship and into our
study together today, you will leave this simple
building with a connection to a lifetime God.
This building is important only because of the
God we serve from it, this building is important
only because of the community we can serve
from it, and this building is only important
because of the family that meets inside of it.
God is with us in this place today and I am
grateful that you and I both get to be a part of
worshipping Him today. - Scott

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11 Apr 2018
05:30PM - 06:30PM
VINE - Meeting & Meal
25 Apr 2018
06:30PM -
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29 Apr 2018
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29 Apr 2018
10:00AM -
Worship Hour
29 Apr 2018
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29 Apr 2018
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01 May 2018
10:00AM -
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02 May 2018
06:30PM -
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06 May 2018
09:00AM -
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