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Dionysius and Damaris are two folks, a man
and a woman (not married), who come to faith
in Jesus in Acts 17. Paul makes a presentation
to a group of people about the good news of
Jesus being raised from the dead. This group
of people were all idol worshippers, but when
these two, and a few others, heard the word
Paul taught, they immediately believed and
began to follow Jesus.
Paul had not been studying with them for many
weeks, but just presented the gospel and they
believed and obeyed. The power is in the word,
not in us.
Scott is speaking on the fact that Jesus was
a seeker of men. Paul was a seeker of men.
They taught disciples to be seekers of men.
Does THIS church look like the one our
Master called out? Do we look like him in our
God will bless you if you step in this direction.
- Alex

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