Let me make another plea for folks to pray for a specific campaign worker during the week of the campaign. I have a few that have already agreed to do this, but we are seeking to get every campaign worker assigned to a person, who is not going to be part of the campaign itself. So, if that fits you, then text me (256.648.9484), email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or just tell me today when you see me.

Our most needed thing is to have God in what we are doing. If we try this, all of our own, and we don't seek God's blessing in prayer, then we will be doing a disservice to the kingdom work we are called to do. We need our God! So please, make your prayer time with your Father a time when you speak with him about our work here.

Our shepherds are going to take special time, on Sunday, June 18th, to pray for our work. I am thankful that they believe in prayer because it makes me have courage in my prayer time, which I hope, encourages you.

Pray continually (I Thess 5.17).

God is proud to hear us!