God is doing wonderful things among us!
I spoke with someone this past week that really
encouraged me. It is obvious that this person, who
does not desire to be named, has been making changes
and drawing closer to God because I can see it in their
behavior. This person is trying to become a clear
ambassador for the Lord, for the sake of his kingdom,
and for the sake of people's souls.
When I come across things like this, and see the
spiritual discoveries, and hear the personal
experiences, I find myself deeply encouraged.
Shouldn't all of us have moments, like this, that we
share about our lives with others about what God is
doing? Missionaries often use Acts 14.27 in showing
the biblical need for a report to be given to the church
about what God did during the mission. Shouldn't my
life sound like a constant "report"? Shouldn't I be
finding people to tell what God has done, and is doing,
in my life, to bring me more into obedience to his will?
If you will ask around, and listen close, you will hear
loads of people here that have such examples and
experiences. God is working among us to the praise of
his glory!
- Alex