Be praying for these things please…
1. We are in the process of bringing Doka here to
the US so he can report to churches, and seek
additional support from churches in our area. There
is a great deal of red tape to get through in order
to get a Nigerian out of his country, into our
country, and organized along his journey across
states while he is here. We are aiming for this to
happen around Dec-Jan, so please keep him in your
personal prayers, and your family prayers as well.
2. Please pray for our invitations that we have made
to specific school football programs. We do not
know who might need this the most. We may have a
player that needs to see Christian people to be
encouraging. There may be a cheerleader's mother
that is seeking a place to worship for her family.
There will be some person that may be here that is
not reconciled with God. We do not have to have 100
people here in order to be effective. We are
seeking those who might be needing to be drawn to
God in some way, so be prayerful that God would be
in this effort, and that the people who come would
be those that need God, and us.
Pray to a God who acts! - Alex