From 2 Cor 3.7ff
What does truth do? The gospel has the power to
deliver truth to those seeking it. Here are a few
quick results of truth...
1. It generates hope (11). Prov 3.5-6 is based on
being able to trust truth. Truth is not a feeling. It
cannot be discovered in a culture or human
judgment. Take truth of the gospel to people and
you will help generate hope in their lives (2 Tim
2. It brings clarity (14). The veil of the OT is only
taken away in Christ. There is some way in which the
gospel reveals things to those seeking the truth.
God is able to open their eyes. Many are blind to
Jesus. Philip preached Jesus (Acts 8.35) bc Jesus is
3. It brings freedom (17). Only in Christ is a man
able to be free. Luke 4.18; John 8.32. Sharing truth
will make a person's slavery to sin so obvious, that it
will send the believer right into the path of
obedience to the One who died to set them free.
Share truth.
- Alex