Thoughts From Psalm 139
In this Psalm we find David expressing sincere awe
about what God has done in him and what God
knows about him. Many of us read these words and
sincerely believe that it would be a negative for God
to know us like David speaks of. However, it is
described in verse 6 as being too wonderful for David
to even imagine that God would see him and care for
him in the way that He does. Sometimes we need to
be reminded of God's interest in our lives.
In verses 11 & 12, David goes on to say that even in
his darkest of days, God has found him and has
made his darkest days as bright as the day. In our
worst moments, in our moments of fear, anger,
disappointment, and disgust, God is still actively
pursuing us to show us light. How can this not
encourage us?
Finally, in verses 23 & 24, David closes this time of
praise by asking God to search him fully and
examine his heart. Be challenged by these words to
intentionally ask God on this day to search your life
and root out anything that would be considered
grievous before Him. In doing so, you can come to
know God in a more real and intimate way.
Lessons For Today:
A.M. - "Free To Enjoy The Remission Of Sins" -
Ephesians 1:7
P.M. - "The Order Of The Towel" - John 13