"No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it
will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead he puts it
on a stand, so that those who come by may see
the light" (Luke 11.33).
Jesus wants us to be people of light. We should
live in his light, walk in his light. We are even
instructed to let the light of Jesus shine from
our lives. All of these ideas are one in the same.
Each is connected to this teaching of our Master.
The purpose of the light is to lead others out of
the darkness. Although God will, ultimately be
glorified in the good deeds of his servants, that
is not the primary reason for light. Light has been
appointed by God to combat the darkness.
You not only bring glory to God by your good
deeds (your light), but you are also a light to a
world that loves the darkness. Light is supposed
to shine in the darkness, even though the
darkness does not understand the light.
God has called you to be a light to someone in
darkness. Like someone sleeping resists the light
when turned on in the night, so will your light be
to those who love darkness, yet we are called into
this darkness to bring the light and expose the
deeds of the evil, with gentleness, in hopes that
God will lead them to repentance.
- Alex