Evangelism Principles

  1. Stand For Something

- Faith must be maturing… I never “get it all”, but we must not act as though it is ok to simply “be at church”

- Know why you believe what you believe before you attempt to reach others… Evangelism can be done by anyone, but can be undone by one who has no idea why they  believe what they claim

- We all live what we believe… We may be able to look in the mirror and lie about what we believe, but our lives tell the true story to those that are watching… and believe me, the world is watching

- Be confident in the Scriptures of God… Admit on the front end that this is not an opinion contest, but a honest study of the Scriptures

  1. Have A Passion For Souls/Be Urgent About Business

- We must all understand there is no “plan B” outside of the church

- Realize the difference between urgency and panic… We are not going to be a people of panic, but we most certainly are people of urgency!

- Taking our cues from Jesus [Luke 19:10]… He came to SEEK and save those that were lost… How much seeking are we doing? What opportunities are we taking  advantage of to seek and bring a saving message to the lost? 

- If I knew that there was a horrific natural disaster about to happen to the building you are in… Would I tell you? Or would I simply get in my truck and move down the road?… The Bible tells us the wages of sin is death [Romans 6:23], so the natural disaster is spiritual death… What kind of person would I be if I didn’t even try to steer you out of the path of the storm?

  1. Every Person Is A Candidate To Obey The Gospel

- [Mark 16:15] is intended to represent every person… How could I ever think that I am in a position to refuse to let someone obey the gospel?

- [Acts 8:4] is intended to represent the “everywhere-ness” of the gospel… People who were looked down on and pre-judged were now allowed to be members of the  kingdom… In every place

- It is vital to the growth of the church that we stop placing restrictions on people where God doesn’t see restrictions… “Go into ALL the world…” “For God so loved the world…”

- We are not the sole owner/operators of the gospel… It was ALWAYS intended to be spread worldwide to any and all who would listen, obey, and do what it says

  1. Everybody Can Do Something In The Kingdom

- We are all important to the furthering of the kingdom… Too many folks are claiming they “can’t” do things, when the blunt truth is that they fit in the category of “won’t” rather than “can’t”

- On the other side of that is those that feel they are overlooked because of something outside of their control… Their youth… Their gender… Their old age… Their  socioeconomic status… We must be a people that operates as our Messiah did, welcoming to all kinds, loving to the worst sinner while never excusing their sin… Also, Jesus went out of his way to find things that people could do within the kingdom… That must be us

- Life experience many times is the best advisor… If you feel that you are no longer able to teach a class or take a leading role in worship, believe me you are desperately needed to share your life experience with the generation that is following you… If you feel that you are too young to make an impact, believe me when I tell you that many  Christians are buoyed by the young men and women that want to “study to show themselves approved…” It is your energy that can make the biggest impact of all

  1. Maintain A Positive Attitude

- No, it is not an easy task… No, you will not be 100% successful in transforming the world… This doesn’t give you (or me) the opportunity to simply throw up our hands in exasperation and say the whole world is lost…

- Remember why it is you are supporting mission efforts, remind yourself from time to time that if one person decides to become a child of God, then your efforts are worth it… Remind yourself from time to time that if one person decides to come home to God, it is worth all the other frustrations and dismissals

- [Numbers 13:30] when everyone else but Joshua seemed to be right about the Israelites inability to take the Promised Land, Caleb wanted to go right then because he truly understood the power of the God he served

- Do we really believe Luke 1:37? If we really believe that nothing is impossible with God, then we must simply stop limiting God… We maintain a positive attitude not because of our abilities or talents, but rather because of what God can do in spite of the faults of His messengers