Selling Out
There was a song several years ago that had
this line in it: “When you come close to selling
out, consider.” The Christian life is not always
one of happiness. We face many difficulties in
our effort to be faithful to God.
One can look at the life of Joseph to see
that a godly life will at times put us in trying
circumstances. But through all of Joseph’s trials
(family members against him, slavery, false
charges by Potiphar’s wife, being imprisoned) he
always seemed to stay focused on what was the
most important thing in life—obedience to God.
As Christians facing the evil and temptations
of this world, we can be presumed to look for an
easy way out. It is during these times we need to
reconsider and remember God’s help is always
present; we are not alone (Revelation 2:10), and a
reward awaits the faithful that nothing on this
earth can match (Psalm 16:11).
- Lance Cordle