From 2 Cor 3.7ff
What does truth do? The gospel has the power to
deliver truth to those seeking it. Here are a few
quick results of truth...
1. It generates hope (11). Prov 3.5-6 is based on
being able to trust truth. Truth is not a feeling. It
cannot be discovered in a culture or human
judgment. Take truth of the gospel to people and
you will help generate hope in their lives (2 Tim
2. It brings clarity (14). The veil of the OT is only
taken away in Christ. There is some way in which the
gospel reveals things to those seeking the truth.
God is able to open their eyes. Many are blind to
Jesus. Philip preached Jesus (Acts 8.35) bc Jesus is
3. It brings freedom (17). Only in Christ is a man
able to be free. Luke 4.18; John 8.32. Sharing truth
will make a person's slavery to sin so obvious, that it
will send the believer right into the path of
obedience to the One who died to set them free.
Share truth.
- Alex
In the midst of trying to bring the Israelites out of their sinful
lifestyle, Ezra is approached by a man named Shecaniah who
told him, “Rise up; this matter is in your hands, we will support
you, so take courage and do it.” (Ezra 10:4) In that same mindset,
I wanted to take a minute to explain my current position as the
Associate/Family/Education Minister. I am here to be a support
system for our deacons that are working with the youth, a
support system for our elders who desire to see our church (as a
whole) working together, a support system for our teachers, a
support system for our families, and a support system for our
minister. In the time that my family and I have been here, we
have been overwhelmed with your love and compassion for one
another and we want to help that continue to grow.
From this position, I am putting together some ideas that will
help draw us all into working together:
- The Trunk or Treat on October 29th
- A Church Leadership Conference hosted here on January 13th
- Family Devotionals (Dates To Be Announced)
- Whole Church Devotionals (Dates To Be Announced)
- Spring Seminar
- Family Rally
- Vacation Bible School (we will need volunteers of all ages)
- Other ideas that will be announced soon
My desire is to be an instrument for God in this community and
in this church. If there are things that I can help you with,
please do not hesitate to stop by, email, text, call, or stop me
after services. I do hope that this clarifies what we are hoping to
do as our family begins our time here with this community, if
you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
In Him,
Scott, Rachael, Cara Beth, and Tucker Wright
"No servant is greater than his master. If they
persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they
obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours" (John
Our Master speaks of our place...servants of his. We
bring honor to Jesus when we are servants to his
kingdom because of his will for us. When our Master
speaks, we listen, and obey. It is a quality that should
be governing our hearts. But this is not true for all
There are many that do not submit to Christ, nor to
his teachings. They stand opposed, worse than that,
they are so against Jesus' kingdom and glory they
would gladly beat you down for associating with Jesus.
They might do this verbally, abusively speaking against
you, or what you are teaching them. They might react
violently, physically attacking you, or your home. These
people, if given the opportunity, would treat your
Master the same way they treat you. Jesus said this
would be true for those who followed him.
On the other hand, there are some who desire to hear
the word of your Master, and will so order their lives
in submission to him. They obey things you say
because they want to obey Jesus. So, keep teaching!
- Alex
Be praying for these things please…
1. We are in the process of bringing Doka here to
the US so he can report to churches, and seek
additional support from churches in our area. There
is a great deal of red tape to get through in order
to get a Nigerian out of his country, into our
country, and organized along his journey across
states while he is here. We are aiming for this to
happen around Dec-Jan, so please keep him in your
personal prayers, and your family prayers as well.
2. Please pray for our invitations that we have made
to specific school football programs. We do not
know who might need this the most. We may have a
player that needs to see Christian people to be
encouraging. There may be a cheerleader's mother
that is seeking a place to worship for her family.
There will be some person that may be here that is
not reconciled with God. We do not have to have 100
people here in order to be effective. We are
seeking those who might be needing to be drawn to
God in some way, so be prayerful that God would be
in this effort, and that the people who come would
be those that need God, and us.
Pray to a God who acts! - Alex
God is doing wonderful things among us!
I spoke with someone this past week that really
encouraged me. It is obvious that this person, who
does not desire to be named, has been making changes
and drawing closer to God because I can see it in their
behavior. This person is trying to become a clear
ambassador for the Lord, for the sake of his kingdom,
and for the sake of people's souls.
When I come across things like this, and see the
spiritual discoveries, and hear the personal
experiences, I find myself deeply encouraged.
Shouldn't all of us have moments, like this, that we
share about our lives with others about what God is
doing? Missionaries often use Acts 14.27 in showing
the biblical need for a report to be given to the church
about what God did during the mission. Shouldn't my
life sound like a constant "report"? Shouldn't I be
finding people to tell what God has done, and is doing,
in my life, to bring me more into obedience to his will?
If you will ask around, and listen close, you will hear
loads of people here that have such examples and
experiences. God is working among us to the praise of
his glory!
- Alex