Bible Book of the Month

43 Bible Class Lesson Sheets covering 10 Old Testament & 3 New Testament Books developed for congregational Bible Study

Explanation of the Program: I had already been impressed with the statement made on the title page of Halley’s Bible Handbook, “The Most Important Page in This Book Is 814” (the last page number varies with different versions…KJ, NKJ, NIV, etc)…but while I was a Bible college student, one of my professors held a class on a program of preaching that he strongly recommended. So this program is not original with me. The plan as I developed it calls for studying from a book of the Bible for a month, usually in the mid-week Bible class, and then preaching from that book at least once on Sunday. I alternate each month between studying an Old Testament book and a New Testament book. I post a “reading sheet” and encourage everyone in the congregation to read the “Bible Book of the Month” and sign-up! I found the congregational participation tremendous! They read the book! They studied from it in the mid-week Bible study, and had at least one sermon delivered from it on Sunday!

My Personal (private) Bible Study Use: For many years I followed the program’s basis for my personal study of the entire Bible, making a point to study one of the “Four Gospels” every six months. As I studied, I found it was good to divide some books into parts, such as Genesis Part 1 (ch. 1-11) and Part 2 (12-50); Acts Part 1 (ch. 1-12) and Part 2 (ch. 13-28) and the Psalms in 5 Parts according to the Book divisions found in most versions of the Bible.