Bible Study Lesson Sheets

Bible Study Lesson Sheets

There is a lesson for each chapter of the entire New Testament, designed for a Bible Study class or personal study. Each lesson contains fill in the blank, matching, and true-false questions with All Answers Coming Directly from the Bible.

[Most of these lessons where created about 50 years ago when the prominent Bible version was the KJV, so referring to the wording there, or the NKJV, will also be helpful.]

Generally, there are no answer sheets since all the answers are found in the Bible chapter. The answers are there in the Bible text. Read carefully, ask others in your study group/class if they found the answer, and always mark in the margin of the study sheet the verse number where you found your answer to document it. Sometimes the correct answer will become evident by some following questions in the study sheet.  Some questions are intended to prompt class discussion or more in-depth reflection.

Revelation is often considered a “different book.” It depends so much on Jewish and Roman history, and with a myriad of Bible versions in use today, a set of Revelation Answer sheets are provided.

There may be an occasional typographical error, and a word left out, etc. and I’m sorry for this, but hopefully you can figure out the question. (Sometimes in tests at school, as probably here, figuring out the questions was as difficult as finding the answer, ??) If there is a particular question on a lesson sheet that I can help with, I will always certainly be happy to help. The lesson sheets are best printed in landscape on both sides, folded into an 8.5×11 booklet.