Windell Gann Sermons

35 Ready to Study & Preach Sermons

The Good Samaritan
Jesus’ parables were from things that happened in real life and the Jerusalem-Jericho road was truly dangerous.

What Kind of Faith Do I Have?
What kind of faith did those great heroes in “Faith’s Hall of Fame” (Hebrews 12) have? The Hebrew writer says their kind of faith is what is pleasing to God. How does your faith compare?

Jesus: The Master Teacher
Jesus was the Master Teacher. He taught with authority. He knew his subject, loved his students, and used various methods in a masterful way.

Jesus Teaches A Lesson on Personal Evangelism
Jesus was the Master Teacher and in this lesson, we use Jesus’ methods to learn how to do personal evangelism.

Count It All Joy
How can we face trials and temptations with “Joy” – what did James mean? An expository sermon on James 1:1-4.

Thomas the Apostle
There is a lot we know about Thomas, and instead of always thinking of him as “Doubting Thomas” we ought to think of him as “Courageous Thomas.”

Reconsidering the Resurrection
After becoming vexed with the three newsmagazines articles over the “Easter” week (April 7, 1996), I thought we should reexamine the evidence for the resurrection.

Historical Evidence for Christ
Looking at the evidence for Christianity found in early non-Christian writings (Jewish and Gentile).

Two Bears and a Youth Gang
A sermon based on 2 Kings 2:23-25. Young people get their values and attitudes from their parents and their culture. They should have reverence for that which is sacred.

Remember the Poor
An outline on the Christian’s attitude toward the poor.

The Beginning Corner
A sermon of the restoration movement. We must go back to Jerusalem and Pentecost for the “beginning corner”. (An overhead chart is included.)

A Life of Full Service
A full-content sermon outline on fully serving God with our lives. (An overhead chart is included.)

“Receive Christ”
Looking at the book of Colossians we see how the saints there were “discipled” by Epaphras. We see what takes place in “receiving Christ.”

“Let Brotherly Love Continue”
Hebrews 13:1. Full manuscript in outline format transcribed from a sermon by Paul J. Waller. Brother Waller was a powerful preacher of the gospel for the Wyandotte, Michigan church of Christ during the 1950’s.

“What Makes A Church Great?”
Batsell Barrett Baxter delivered this sermon on August 11, 1968, at the Hillsboro church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee. It was broadcast on radio station WLAC at 8:05 P.M.

Uzziah: The Downfall of a Good King
A lesson from 1 Chronicles 26 about the good king Uzziah and what brought about the downfall of a good king.

Not Far from the Kingdom
A teacher of the Law wanted to know the greatest commandment, the Lord had this to say about him after His answer (Mark 12:28-34)

“Stretch Out Your Hand”
What blessings can a man get from being in worship where the Lord is? What great and wonderful blessing you and I could receive if we would “Stretch Our Our Hand” (Mark 3:1-7)

Five Minutes After Death If Your Saved
What happens to the soul after death? This sermons deals especially with the soul that is saved. Where will the righteous be waiting for the resurrection? This topic has a lot of interest, but there is a lot of confusion about it, even on the part of Christians.

Four Steps of Death
A brief, easy to use, funeral sermon.

Five Minutes After Death If Your NOT Saved
What happens to the soul after death? This sermons deals especially with the soul that is Not saved. Where will the non-righteous be waiting for the resurrection?

“The Prayer of Jabez”
The passage from 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 has become the source of a best selling booklet. This sermon, preached some time ago, on this great little passage. (A suggested fill-in handout.)

Am I A Pharisee?
A lesson from Luke 15: 1 & 2

Jesus – A Busy Life
We claim to be too busy these days, but look at a day in the life of Jesus. He was a busy man but look at what He took the time to do.

The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

Cornelius – A Case of Conversion

Conversion of Lydia

Public Enemy #1

Why I Believe the Bible

Why I Know the Bible is the Word of God

Why We Believe In God

Why YOU Should Be A Christian

God’s Answer to Many Problems

One Thing Everybody Ought to Know

The Bible & Science – Creation versus Evolution
An up-close study of 2 Peter 3 and two great events that are overlooked by most scientists today. I consider this to be a very important and timely study of the scriptures!