Be a Paul to a Timothy

Paul saw himself as a steward. Paul saw Timothy as his responsibility. You can see this in his encouragement to Timothy in chapter 1 and verse 18 and following. He urges Timothy to fight the battle well. He knows that Timothy must do that, but Paul sees it as something he should bring to Timothy’s mind, Paul is building Timothy up in the faith. Paul is using his role as the opportunity to tell the young preacher to keep fighting.

He goes on and says to that Timothy needed to hold one to faith and a good conscience. This is something he had already told him, but here is an example of Paul taking the role of steward, and applying it to his relationships within the body of Christ.

Take time to consider how you could be a Paul to some Timothy. How could you reach out and help someone like Paul did? The role of steward should touch all areas of our lives.

Let’s learn more about this work, to which God has called us, through Jesus Christ, and the Spirit.


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