God Commands the Waters

God put a river that was watering the garden of Eden (Gen 2.10). He provided water to the living things, making sure they had exactly what they needed. But when sin happened, it brought consequences, even in respect to the way water was able to be received. Now storms and torrents would come, and rain would fall. In Genesis 6-8, God brings a flood that destroyed all living things on the earth.

Later, when people would disobey what he commanded them, God brought no rain as a result of sinful lives people were living (Amos 4.7-8). God did this because he commands the rain. It belongs to him. God would ask Job, “Who shut the sea behind its doors when it burst forth from the womb?” (Job 38.8). He asked him, “Have you entered the storehouses of the snow, or seen the storehouses of hail?” (Job 38.22).

We cannot even get to the place, of what has not been created by us! If we could, we would not be able to command such ice formed water for a day of war or battle! When you think about that simple, single illustration of what is beyond our control, it will humble you, like it did Job. Such things are not for finite minds even to attempt to grasp, much less command. God laughs at those who try.


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