The Grace of Christ

Come and let’s study the “grace of Christ” today! We have such an awesome privilege to serve the risen Lord. We have been called to live in His grace. We all look like Paul, who was also called to live in the grace of Christ. In our chapter examination we will find some obvious clues of what an incredible life he found in Christ Jesus. We will celebrate the life that the power of the grace of Christ can produce.

Whatever Paul was, we should want to be, with respect to his life and example (Php 4.9). So you will be equipped to live in the grace of Christ too, learning from Paul’s excellent example. It is a joy to walk in grace of Christ, and we will even see that we MUST walk in it alone!

Paul, through the Holy Spirit, will teach us that living in the grace of Christ is more than only something “covering our sin.” It has a power to change us.

Come and learn from Paul, the prophet of God.


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