A Simple Presentation of the Gospel

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“The simplicity of the gospel gives what the complexity of human wisdom promises but never delivers.” – John MacArthur

The times in which we are currently living promote negativity more than they highlight positivity. It has been brought to our attention on more than one occasion that when we begin to sink into the depths of negativity, we become exactly what satan wishes we would be — cold, bitter, distracted, and obsessed with conspiracies.

However, whenever we step into the light of God’s grace, we take hold of the beautiful life that was promised by Jesus while He was here on this planet.

In today’s study, we look at the simple, grace-infused, beautiful, wonderful good news of the gospel. In this study I pray that we find ourselves at home in the gospel. If not, then I pray that we are courageous enough, brave enough, and inspired enough to admit our failings and seek the grace of God. If we are children of God living outside of God’s Word, then may we have that same courage to ask for help, ask for prayers, and lean on fellow children who are seeking to live in the light of this good news.


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