Heavy Days

There are days that feel so heavy that it seems like we cannot travel one more step. Those days come in the form of stress, loss, disappointment and other things that take away our joy. God has spoken to us through His word and encourages us to remember Him and His words in those heavy days, however, it can be easy to follow the world’s example of self-pity and self-loathing. Today, we examine what we should do with the next step after the worst day of our lives.

As you can imagine, everyone’s “worst day” looks different, but there is no avoiding the fact that these types of days have happened.

– What did you learn from those moments?
– What have you changed after those moments?
– How did your relationship with God change during and after those moments?

If you are hearing the word of God today, then you have the opportunity to commit (or re-commit) yourself to the path that God has laid before you. Take advantage of this opportunity today so that you can survive and thrive even when tough days come into view.



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