Failure Hurts Others

The instinctual response when we fail is to look around us and survey the damage that is done. The most basic response is to examine yourself first for damage, then examine your surroundings. It hurts to admit, but there are times in my life where I have seemingly escaped the damage of my failure only to look around and see tremendous damage done to those in my sphere of influence. It is in those moments that we fully come face to face with our failure, when our failure inflicts pain and discomfort on those around us. The world would tell us that as long as we are personally unscathed, nothing else should matter. However, that is not how God’s Word works.

In today’s study, we examine a tremendous failure that cost the life of a man who was simply trying to assist the king in his wishes. As David attempted to bring the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem, it is his lack of attention to God’s commanded details that end the life of Uzzah. In that moment, there is no doubt that David felt tremendous sorrow and regret. However, it is important to realize that David returned back to the Holy Scriptures and tried again. In that second attempt we find triumph, worship, praise, and redemption.

The application for us today is in realizing that no matter how far you have fallen or how many times you have failed, the gift of grace is within your reach. Will you return to the Word of God today and examine where it is you are lacking? And if so, will you have the courage to admit failure and seek redemption?


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