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Multiethnic friends helping hand outdoor, copy space

The God of No Partiality

“‘Truly I understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation, anyone who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him.’” (Acts 10:34-35) These words, spoken by Peter, carry a heavy responsibility for us as Christians. There is no room in the heart of someone who claims Christ for prejudice, racism, or anything of its type. We have all heard sermons or classes taught from this chapter and have nodded our heads when these words are read because we are relieved to know that God is…
Hope concept

Hope to the Hopeless

“And He [Jesus] went with him…” (Mark 5:24a) This morning we are going to be looking at how Jesus gives hope to the hopeless. In the account found in Mark 5, two people come to Jesus in two totally different ways. One, a ruler of the synagogue, came to Jesus boldly, imploring Jesus earnestly to come and heal his little daughter who was at the point of death. The other hid from Jesus and nervously touched the hem of His garment as He passed by. In…
Notice card

Service Project for Shut Ins

This Sunday we will have bags on a table in front of the building for each of our shut-ins. We are asking you to bring cards, notes, pictures colored by your little ones, etc. for each of them. Please keep in mind this will be mailed so it will have to fit in an envelope. If you are not able to be here for service Sunday you are welcome to bring them to the office by Tuesday at 3:00. Those…

Today’s Update from Scott (July 1, 2020)

Hello everyone! A couple of things and the invitation for the Zoom Bible class for tonight: I will be texting a few of you this week to film some conversations concerning what we have learned during this quarantine/virus/etc Please let us know if there is anything you need from us during this time… We really want as many of you to join our Zoom Bible study as possible… And please feel free to share the invitation with anyone that you…