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June Updates

Greetings everyone! The family and I are on vacation this week, but I have been thinking about you all and praying for you. I have a few things to remind you about and ask for your help with… VBS is rapidly approaching. I am still in need of some “policemen and policewomen” to make sure our students get where they need to go and stay (relatively) quiet doing so. If you can help with that, please let me know. Also,…

Note from us

REMINDER: Tonight at 6:30pm in the annex will be our time of discussion. Alex will be leading that discussion of the times where Jesus used the word “woe”. Please come and be a part of this good study! Also, please remember the workday that is scheduled for this Saturday at the building beginning at 8am. We need your help on several projects inside and outside the building, so please make plans to come and help out!
Fruit Meal

Meal Info

For those who are in the “Golden Age” group, I need to know if you would like to pick up your meal or if you would like it to be delivered? Please send Scott an email or a text letting me know which you prefer… For those that are connected to our widows/widowers, please reach out to them today and find out if they would like us to fix them a meal for you to deliver to them. Please let…

The Church of Jesus Christ

We are the body of Christ, the church (Col 1.16). We have remained the church the whole time we have been meeting outside. We are the church when we come together for worship, and we remain the church when we leave (Eph 1.20ff). Having to meet in a different spot is only a matter of our traditions, not a matter of our identity. God is who gives us our identity (I Cor 1.9ff), not traditions of men. Meeting inside the…

The Elder’s Plan to Resume Worship (October 2020)

The Elders have been working on a plan to resume worship in our church building. Starting Sunday, October 11, 2020 we will resume worship in the building at 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Starting Wednesday, October 14, 2020 we will resume mid-week devo in the building at 6:30PM. After careful consideration and prayer, we have come up with guidelines and logistics for everyone to follow. They are: Guidelines: -Masks ARE required at all times while in the building. Please be…

Learn and be Encouraged…

Sunday September 27th we will have a gathering at 3:15PM, in the annex, to talk about evangelism. The lesson that morning will center on this great work that Jesus has given to us. Let me say a word to the one who thinks that they are not able to teach the gospel, where you sit down and study the Bible with someone. The whole purpose of our Christian life is to grow in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ…

Message for Today

Join us tonight in the parking lot at 6:30pm for worship! Also, there will be a Kids’ Bible Time Zoom at 5pm (information below). Topic: Kids’ Bible Time Time: Sep 6, 2020 05:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 796 786 8094 Passcode: 1234

Message from Scott

As you may have noticed, we did not premiere a new Weekend Bible Study video tonight on Facebook or YouTube… we will be premiering a new video tomorrow afternoon, but would also encourage you to go back through our YouTube channel and the 150+ videos we have posted since March 12 and study along with one of those… we certainly look forward to seeing you at 8am tomorrow morning and 6:30pm tomorrow night!

Message from Scott

2 Quick Things Tonight’s Services Reminder: worship in the parking lot tonight at 6:30pm. Also, there will be a Zoom Kid’s Bible time at 5pm. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 443 709 7252 Passcode: 5teENm Quick Survey About Children’s Classes Parents, could you help us out and fill out this short survey?
You Are Invited Invitation Time Concept

An Invitation for Tomorrow

Come and study with us tomorrow morning at 8am in the parking lot! If you have ever been curious about what the gospel message is… or you have questions/issues/concerns about the church, our Savior Jesus, or our Heavenly Father, please come and study with us in the morning! Our message in the morning is titled – “A Simple Presentation of the Gospel” **P.S. If you have Facebook, please go and share the church post that is quoted in this text… Thanks!**
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