Our House; Our Home

Our house is our refuge. In some cases, it becomes like a medieval castle where we raise and lower the bridge for those that are invited into our highly protected area. We treat our houses as showpieces, as places of protection, and ultimately, as the most important physical part of our earthly life. Our financial situation testifies to that, as does our attention.

However, within the physical structure of the house, there can be nightmarish homes. The emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual abuses that can take place inside that physical structure can often leave people with damaged views of what a true “home” is. In our next series of lessons, we are going to specifically examine the home that God endorses in His Word. We want to examine what God has to say about how husbands should act, how wives should act, how children should act, and what the home should represent to all of its contributors.

I ask that we all spend time in prayer for the homes that are represented here in our congregation, for the homes that are in our communities, and for homes that we are connected to all over this planet. I ask that we pray for proper attitudes and tender hearts as we challenge ourselves to improve these homes in ways that would be pleasing to God.



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