I Can’t Get Enough

“I can’t get enough,” is a phrase we hear, or say occasionally, about certain things we are interested in.

Someone might say, “I can’t get enough money,” “I can’t get enough land,” or “I can’t get enough of sports.”

Do we ever use this phrase speaking about spiritual things? For example, have we ever said, “I can’t get enough of God’s word?”

Knowledge of God is more important than knowledge of worldly things. Knowledge of God should be a priority in our life as God’s people.

We can gain knowledge of God by listening to good teachers as they teach from God’s word. That is a reason it is so important to attend the services each time the church assembles together.

We also gain knowledge of God by reading and studying His word, the Bible.

Can we become what God wants us to be without having the proper knowledge of God?

Hosea 4:6 – God says, “my people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge.”

In Hosea’s time, God’s people rejected the knowledge of God, and by doing so they stopped worshiping God and worshiped idols.

As God’s people, are we being destroyed because of “lack of knowledge?”

We have the knowledge of God at our fingertips. Having God’s word in written form is such a true blessing. Are we taking advantage of this blessing?

Are we filling our mind and the mind of our children with the proper knowledge of God by reading His word every day?

Can we honestly say, “I can’t get enough of God’s word?”



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