Meeting Together

What did we miss about the assembly? What did we miss about congregating together as the Lord’s body? Why do we feel drawn to be in the same physical location with those who proclaim to be Christians like us? At what point did we decide (over the course of the last several weeks) that we were eager to get back together?

For me, it has been a difficult past few weeks. The church has never been about the building and has never been about architecture, pews, lights, carpet, tile, or any other physical construction piece.

However, there is something about that geographical location that has always felt comforting, loving, forgiving, supportive, and yes, necessary. My life is better because I am in close proximity to Christians who are striving to follow the will of God in their everyday lives.

As we study together on Sunday, let me caution you, I am talking to you about how wonderful it is when God’s children gather together and worship. This message is for you, this message is about you, and ultimately, this message is intended to remind you why what we are doing is so vitally important to our survival.


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