Reflect on Jesus

Today is the first Sunday of the new year. Passing from one year into the next carries many reflections with it. There is something lost. We can never again go back into 2020. There will be things gained this year, but they are not yet a reality. Those things are only imagined. The point of saying this is to say that we tend to think reflectively about something lost or gained when a we embrace a new year.

Now, let’s think reflectively, and spiritually. The most significant thought you can reflect upon is Jesus Christ crucified. What things are lost now, that did not happen last year? What things could the cross of Christ have motivated you to do? Would you be bolder in showing your faith? Share the gospel with someone who is condemned? Shine your light brighter? What days are lost? What things should you have done, that you cannot go back, now, and do? What opportunities did you miss, as things relate to the Christ crucified? What about this coming year? What things can you plan today, reflecting on opportunities you missed, for 2021? What can you plan this year that will make Christ crucified your reality, not just your routine? What changes can you make, in your life, that would allow others to hear more from you about Jesus Christ crucified?

We are studying the most important message ever told. We are seeking to understand what reveals the love of God. Jesus Christ was crucified. Reflect on that.



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