The Word of God

The word of God is powerful, and active (Heb 4.12-13). It’s power is described as a double-edged sword in that passage. A sword is special, and powerful. In the 1st Century, the sword was winning and conquering lands. It was able to be used to take the life of another, even with potential protections in place, like a shield. The aspect in particular view is the fact that it is able to “penetrate.” Like a metal sword could easily penetrate a man’s flesh, so the power of the word of God is pictured as something that has special power, unlike anything else, to reach deep within a man and stir places of his soul unto repentance. That is the power of the word.

There is nothing like it in all creation.

Since it is SO powerful, then what space should it occupy in our lives? Hopefully today, you will find some perspective on that very question. Today we will examine the significance of the word of God, in direct relation to our lives.

Come up close to God. Hear the word taught today, from his word. It can reach places that you cannot change. It can change places you want to keep the same. It is powerful.


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