Following Directions

How many times have you been given a project or a place to go and stopped to look at the instructions?

For some, they read every part of the instruction manual before they even begin the project. Those same people map out their path from point A to point B before even cranking the car. Others, like myself, tend to move through the instructions as the project is taking shape or take advantage of GPS systems to travel alongside the map in real-time. The rest of you outlaws try to put the project together or arrive at the location without glancing at the first instruction or direction.

Unfortunately, we take the same mentality into our understanding of God’s Word. There are some who read it cover to cover, try desperately to implement it into their lives, and are truly changed by the instructions found in it. There are others who go to the Word of God as their life moves along, finding instruction for the situation they are currently in, and hang on to it to survive in their world full of challenges. Sadly, there are also those who ignore it, try to fashion their life in their own image, and (usually) find themselves deeper in distress.

How do you take instruction? How do you handle being told what you need to do? God’s Word opens the door to eternal life, it is imperative that we follow that path rather than our own selfish desires.


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