Uncertain Times Call for Certainty in a Faithful God

Hezekiah is a good king of Israel. During his reign, he has to deal with a threat of the Assyrian king coming in to destroy Jerusalem. The king receives verbal threats, along with a letter, with a discouraging word to him, and all the people. The king “spread out the letter before the Lord. And Hezekiah prayed…” (Isa 36.14-15).

Hezekiah was told that his life was going to end. He humbled himself and prayed to God (Isa 38.1-3).

So here is what we can learn from this: When you are facing something significant in your life, and it causes you worry, or concern, then pray to your faithful God. He is able to hear you. He ALONE can save you. There is no invading power, or aggressive disease that is stronger than He is.



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