Priorities of Life and Godliness

There are times in every person’s life where the spiritual side takes a backseat to the worldly side. There are times in every person’s life where the decisions they make center solely around their own selfish desires and not the glory of God. However, when we truly examine those disastrous moments in our lives, we must see them for what they are: a blatant denial of Jesus Christ and His sacrificial love for us.

In those moments we take the throne away from the King of Kings and place our tyrannical self on it. In those moments we run ahead of the Lord of Lords and attempt to show Him how to traverse the world He created. It is a painful realization that we have denied our Lord and King, but it is a vital realization n for the health of our spiritual life. Study along today as we look at the concept of denying our Lord and be grateful that our Lord does not give up on us and still seeks to deliver us.

– Scott


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