A Family for When You’re in Need

The church is a wonderful group of people who care for each other in a way that is very similar to a family unit. We pray for one another, we laugh with one another, we cry with one another, and most of all, we are all striving towards the same goal — Heaven. The church is a divine gift from God that creates a network of believers around the world who feel that they have a spiritual family who is consistently prepared to empathize, sympathize, and connect with them in every situation. The church is a unified group that dwells in peace and harmony while stretching out its arms to take the gospel into all the world.

This is what the church is supposed to be. Based on everything that you and I read in the Bible about the church, it is supposed to live, look, act, and talk a certain way. However, the world has navigated its way into many churches across the globe and pushed them off of their original intent and purpose. As we study today, let us be honest with ourselves to be certain that in this seemingly dark world, the congregation that meets here at Rogersville is shining as a light, a beacon of hope for those who are seeking refuge.

– Scott

What if?


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