There is much attention to the idea of gratitude this week. It is a yearly reminder to us that we have so many blessings. Look around our good land, and you will quickly see that we have some of the best water, food and shelter. Truly we are a rich nation.

Gratitude comes from knowing what these blessings are, and feeling a direct connection to how those blessings improve your life. Gratitude might be expressing those wonderful blessings around a table full of family, before you eat the meal together. Gratitude might show itself in the service of sharing with others. The blessings as have come from a gracious God, who gives and gives and gives, to a group of people who do not deserve his goodness.

This week, practice gratitude. It should come naturally, but if it doesn’t then you can still train yourself in gratitude by evaluating all that God has given you. That will make you grateful.

Blessings, Alex


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