What if?

What if?

What if we really lived our lives believing the things we have all stated as Christians?

– What if we lived our lives with the motto of “To live is Christ and to die is gain”?

– What if we lived our lives truly in fear of Hell and what it means for the lost?

– What if we lived our lives speaking truth and encouragement?

– What if we lived our lives fully relying on God?

– What if we lived our lives seeking out all our answers in the word of God?

I do not ask this series of questions in order to create a sense of worry or anxiety over their answers. Rather, I have been drawn into this line of questioning based on what I have seen from Christian brothers and sisters in the past several months. There have been incredible moments where I have seen people reaching out of their comfort zone to check on people and encourage them. There have been memories created where Christians have stood for holiness and righteousness in the face of extreme hatred and vitriol. However, lest we get too comfortable, there have also been moments of insensitivity, disrespect, and ugliness in the midst of it all. I volunteer that my life would look vastly different (for the better) if I were to truly live what I profess to believe. I hope you will join our studies today with the mind frame of trying to inch closer to the life God wants us all to lead.

– Scott


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