A Christian in Strange Times

The times we live in are strange to say the least. In our country alone we have seen a seemingly endless stream of ridiculousness and negativity reign while civility and common decency appear to be ignored. In our churches we are seeing anger over whether or not one should wear a mask, Christians condemning one another over their choice of political party or over their health concerns, and disputes erupting over meeting times and locations. In our schools, parents are fearful for the safety of their children and teachers/administrators are being asked to transform into supernatural beings that have the ability to teach in three different formats while maintaining a “normal” school year. Yes, these are strange, uncertain, and stressful times.

However, when one reads 2 Chronicles 7:14, there is an answer for every bit of strangeness, uncertainty, and stress: humble yourself, pray, seek the face of God, and turn from wickedness. This is directed at the people who are called by the name of God, not at a world filled with darkness. The solutions to the problems we are facing begin to appear when those who wear the name “Christian” begin to act, speak, think, and react like Jesus would. May God help us all have the wisdom and discernment to realize what it truly means to wear this name and may we all be courageous enough to admit when we fail.

– Scott


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