The Elder’s Plan to Resume Worship (October 2020)

The Elders have been working on a plan to resume worship in our church building. Starting Sunday, October 11, 2020 we will resume worship in the building at 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Starting Wednesday, October 14, 2020 we will resume mid-week devo in the building at 6:30PM.

After careful consideration and prayer, we have come up with guidelines and logistics for everyone to follow. They are:

-Masks ARE required at all times while in the building. Please be considerate and show respect to your fellow church family members and wear a mask.
-Request families sit together as much as possible.
-Those leading in worship are not required to wear a mask when they are leading. Otherwise, mask required.
-Regarding singing, mask will be worn during singing. If you are worried about singing with a mask on, remember we are singing to God not the ones around us and we are sure God is hearing us.
-Refrain from roaming the building as much as possible to minimize the need for cleaning.
-Work with your children to not run in the building or congregate together inside the building. This is out of respect for your fellow church family members.

-The glass doors and the main wooden door will remain open during entry and exit.
-Communion will be handed out at each door as you enter.
-Contributions can be dropped off as you exit the building.
-Sunday night communion will be in a separate class room after evening worship.
-Every other pew is taped off for social distancing. Please do not sit in a taped off pews.
-The building will be sanitized after Sunday AM, Sunday PM, and Wednesday PM.
-Live streaming will continue to be available on Facebook and YouTube.
-Radio streaming will continue for vehicles in the parking lot on 87.9.

Thanks you for your cooperation and God Bless,

The Elders


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