The Church of Jesus Christ

We are the body of Christ, the church (Col 1.16). We have remained the church the whole time we have been meeting outside. We are the church when we come together for worship, and we remain the church when we leave (Eph 1.20ff). Having to meet in a different spot is only a matter of our traditions, not a matter of our identity. God is who gives us our identity (I Cor 1.9ff), not traditions of men. Meeting inside the building on Sunday does not make us MORE of the church than we were the week before. That kind of thinking is contrary to the scriptures.

The church is powerful. It is a divine product that cannot be destroyed by the totality of the forces of evil (Mt 16.17ff; Eph 6.10ff). Death cannot cheat the church, and the enemies of God cannot over take those who stand by God’s power. God’s power is on the church, and in the church of Jesus Christ (Eph 3.20 21).

This Sunday we will study this amazing church, that belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.

What a thrilling text we have before our view this Sunday!

God will bless us as we are together in our worship.

– Alex


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