Learn and be Encouraged…

Sunday September 27th we will have a gathering at 3:15PM, in the annex, to talk about evangelism. The lesson that morning will center on this great work that Jesus has given to us.

Let me say a word to the one who thinks that they are not able to teach the gospel, where you sit down and study the Bible with someone. The whole purpose of our Christian life is to grow in our knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Pe 3.18). If you cannot take your Bible and have such a conversation, then this Sunday is the perfect day for you to come. Sunday can be a day for you to strengthen your learning process. Bring your notebook, and you will hear from people that have learned something about how to do this work. Do not stay away from the discussion because you “don’t know enough.” Come and learn.

You might say that your talents are in other places, and I would not dismiss you from using any talent God has given. Making disciples is not a “talent” issue, it is a command. It is like the command to love your neighbor. It is what we are all told to do. I know you’re fearful. Come this Sunday, and we will encourage you, and God will help you.

God will bless our aiming at bringing souls into the kingdom.



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