Making a Godly Impact

Last year over 26,000 boxes were given to children in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Zambia, and
the Texas/Mexico border. Local ministers use this tool to reach their communities with the good news
of Christ.

We realize this year is will be different due to the virus, but we would like to fill as many boxes as
possible and continue to be a part of this good work.

A list of items needed is enclosed in each box. Please go by this list, it is slightly different than previous
ones. The cost to fill a box is approximately $30 plus the $7 for shipping. If you would like to fill a box,
but are not able to shop for the items, you may give a check (payable to Rogersville Church of Christ) to
one of the Elders or Donnie & Kim Lane and we will purchase the items for you. Please let us know if you
have a preference of boy or girl and age of the child. The filled boxes need to be returned by September 27.
We can get additional boxes if needed. If you have questions, please see one of the Elders, or Donnie &
Kim Lane. You may also read more about this good work at Thank you!

  1. Pick the gender and age of your M.A.G.I. child and mark side of the box accordingly. Boy 2-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11+ Girl 2-4, 5-7, 8-10, 11+
  2. Use checklist (inside box) to make sure your box is filled with appropriate and needed supplies.
    If needed, use a large rubber band to secure each box. DO NOT tape the lid.
  3. Return filled box to the main foyer and give $7 cash or check (made payable to Rogersville Church of Christ) for shipping to Donnie or Kim Lane.



Real or toy weapons, military-themed toys, liquid items, glass or other breakables, Irish Spring soap, chocolate, Jolly Ranchers, or used items.


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